I wanted to take this time to write to a word of encouragement to you.

These current events the world is facing reminds me of a time I took a long flight to London. The flight felt as if it took forever. Finally, we were flying over London on our way to Heathrow airport. One could feel the excitement of everyone on board as we knew that this long flight was coming to an end. Yet for some reason our plane was just circling in what they call a holding pattern. It was so disheartening that we were so close to our destination and yet it was so out of reach. For the next 45 minutes, which felt like an eternity, we continued to circle London until finally we heard the order from the Captain, “Cabin crew prepare for landing.”

With much relief, anger and hope our plane got its slot to land. I have never been this excited to land except for the time I returned to South Africa after a 10-year absence.

When I disembarked off the plane my anger turned to excitement.

Family many of us are feeling exactly like I did on that plane. It’s as if your lives are in this holding pattern waiting to land back to a life of normality. Many find ourselves in a season of great change and it’s very uncomfortable or even overwhelming.

A while ago, I entered a self-imposed lockdown from social media so that I could be alone with the Lord. In my prayers I asked the Lord to do whatever it takes to purify my life and to prepare me for the next season. I never take a prayer like that lightly because from past experiences I got what I asked for. I have been experiencing the purifying fire of the Lord as I lay everything of value onto the altar as I surrender my dreams, my calling, my prophetic words, and my desires. I have felt so alone yet knowing the Lord is here with me. I feel the heat of the flames, but I’m not burnt. I feel conflicted yet I have hope. I feel I’m in the cave, yet I see the light. I too feel as if I’m in a holding pattern and God is the pilot of this plane called life. As much as I would like to see this season conclude I through choice know it is not yet time as I want the work the Lord begun to be completed within me.

I’m saying all of this not so that you will feel sorry for me but rather that you will be encouraged. How can I expect others to go through the fires of purification if I am not willing to. This is a very uncomfortable season for me. I normally thrive with change but this time it has been most challenging. Can you just imagine what the Lord has in store when this season is completed? I can only imagine the immense destiny and vision He has waiting. Already I am seeing the Lord open my eyes to a greater realm of the spirit. Just imagine what He has for you when your season of struggles has ended. The reward will outweigh your pain, your heartache, and your brokenness. The Lord is cleansing His bride for such a time as this.

Seize the day, seize your destiny, make those changes, and follow through on what you have started. Live your best life now and let go of regrets. Make those life choices you need to make. Take risks for the Lord and dare to do the impossible. 

You will eventually get the order from your Captain, the Lord, “Cabin crew prepare for landing.”

God bless each one of you in Jesus’ name.

Dr Colin Blom

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