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You have a Purpose, a Destiny, and a Calling from God

Each one of us has been created for such a time as this, and that means God is calling you to prepare for the greatest period in the history of mankind. It is NEVER too late to fulfill your destiny and purpose. Therefore, the Lord is calling you today to be part of His army and thus fulfill your purpose.

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At Fuzion Bible Institute our focus is to Train, Equip, Commission & Deploy believers into fulfilling their purpose & destiny through our highly effective training model. You can begin your journey of fulfillment by enrolling at one of our campuses.

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Every ministry has within its DNA a mandate, vision and focus given by the Lord. It is this DNA which identifies the mantle of the ministry and which draws people to its ranks in order to fulfill a commission from the Lord. Not all ministries have the same mandate or vision however all have the same DNA with the same purpose and that is to expand the Kingdom of God on the earth. God’s plan was never for the body of Christ to compete against each other but rather to collectively spread the message of the Cross, each in their own unique calling.


“Fuzion Bible Institute has taught me in the deeper things of God and how to be a better leader. I encourage all men and women of God to study at Fuzion.” 

Dr, John K

Powerful Word Ministries

“Before I started at Fuzion, I had a relationship with the Lord, but I never knew the depths it could go to and the deeper relationship I could have. Just by studying at Fuzion, it has changed my life completely.”

Michelé C

Registrar - Fuzion Bible Institute

 “Fuzion is the answer to practical application of the academic studies. The lecturers have been a blessing to me and my family as well”

Ps. Hilton W

Victory Faith Church

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