Year 3 – Cadet


The Year 3 Programme is designed for students desiring to enter into ministry. Due to the nature of this course, all students will be required to participate in practical ministry within their local ministry for which they will receive credits.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to understand the Word of God within its proper context.
  • Developing relations.
  • Develop your skills as a public speaker and how to prepare sermons.
  • Identify demonic spirits and how to deliver those held in bondages.
  • Discovering God’s will and purpose for your life and how that life fits
    into God’s eternal purpose.
  • And so much more!!!


Biblical Exegesis

At the most fundamental level, Exegesis & Eisegesis reflect whether you consider the original context of Scripture to understand Scripture, or whether you’re bringing your own meaning to Scripture, regardless of what it meant to its original author and audience.

Youth Ministry

This course builds the foundation of effective youth ministry with focus on leadership, discipleship and mentoring. The student will develop a deeper understanding of the dynamic ministry geared towards today’s youth.

Social Roles & Relationships

A 12 lesson study exploring our relationships with God, government, parents and peers with a special emphasis on cultivating friendship relationships, dating, courtship and marriage.

Speech Communication & Homiletics

This course is designed to equip the student with principles that will help him or her to become more confident and effective in public speaking, further focusing on the principles relating to the spiritual feeding of a congregation and the technical preparation and delivery of sermons. 

Deliverance - Possess the Land

These concepts we share with you in this syllabus have changed lives, broken severe bondages, released people to live in acceptance and love, brought people to self-acceptance and identity and have released people from the hurts of the past. We believe these concepts go beyond modern psychiatry in that they not only localize the problem but present a solution.

Intercessory Prayer

An intercessory prayer guide that includes guidelines on how to pray, what to pray for, when not to pray, resources for prayer, international intercession and factors that hinder prayer.

  • Define prayer.
  • Explain how prayer is answered.
  • Summarize the role of prayer in the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Identify the levels of prayer.
  • Identify the different types of prayer.
  • Define intercessory prayer.
  • Explain the Biblical basis of the believer’s ministry as an intercessor.
  • Identify Jesus Christ as our model for intercession.
  • Describe how intercession is done.
  • Explain why intercession is important.
  • Use spiritual resources for intercession, including delegated power and authority, binding and loosing, the Name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and fasting.
  • Explain how to intercede.
  • Summarize principles for effective intercession.
Minister's Practical Ministry

The Christian Minister’s Practical Ministry course is the heartbeat of our entire program as it takes the student from the theoretical aspect to the practical application of ministry. Once the student has completed the course he/she will have a deeper understanding of how to function in ministry as well as be able to minister effectively. Every minister of the Gospel will at some time in their ministry be called upon to perform certain services or ceremonies. This course gives the tools on the How-To’s of these services or ceremonies.

Acts of the Apostles

A 24 lesson study of the Book of Acts with special attention given to the growth and development of the Early Church and to the pattern that Paul provides for modern leadership ministry.

Life Management 1-3

This 36 Lesson study focuses on the following:

  • Leading the student on a journey of discovering God’s will and purpose for his or her life and how that life fits into God’s eternal purpose.
  • Managing the resources of one’s life to achieve one’s destiny.  It includes goal setting, organization, and time and money management.
  • How our life’s work or career can lead to living a life of significance, glorifying God and fulfilling God’s agenda or eternal purpose.
Vision & Values

A 24 lesson leadership development course focusing on defining, developing, and implementing core values, vision and appropriate strategies in growing a church or building a business.

Biblical Management

A review of Biblical management principles with emphasis on servant leadership, Biblical leaders, and Scriptural strategies for success.

  • Define management.
  • Identify spiritual resources over which believers are managers.
  • Identify the main requirement for stewards.
  • Identify the greatest example of spiritual leadership.
  • Summarize what the ministry of management includes.
  • Identify Biblical positions of leadership.
  • Explain how spiritual gifts are used in ministry.
  • Explain how leaders work together in ministry.
  • Recognize the importance of anointing in spiritual leadership.
  • List qualifications for spiritual leaders.
  • Explain how to lead like a servant.
  • Explain how to lead like a shepherd.
  • Summarize the tasks of leaders.
  • Use Biblical guidelines to make decisions.
  • Use Biblical guidelines to deal with conflicts and discipline.
  • Train leaders and followers.
  • Turn failures into success.
  • Apply Biblical principles of success.
  • Identify the costs of leadership.
  • Explain the true test of spiritual leadership.
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1 Year

40 Credits

80% Attendance
60% Pass Rate
Completed Year 2

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